Back in the 1980’s, the media invented a word, “Proactive”…
It’s completely wrong grammatically, but nevertheless, it has been accepted into the English language, among a plethora of other words that make no sense, by the rules of the language.
NOW, the talking head news and Democrat politicians trying to poo-poo the memo are trying to change the PRONOUNCIATION of…
Instead of using it correctly, they’re changing it in a VAIN attempt at trying to sound like they’re more intelligent than they are.
Instead of saying it like BASE-ISS, they’re saying BASE-EEES.
Freaking morons!
the underlying support or foundation for an idea, argument, or process.
“trust is the only basis for a good working relationship”
the system or principles according to which an activity or process is carried on.
“she needed coaching on a regular basis”