( Essex County College in Nueva Jersey fired a cracka-hatin’, Black Lives Matters-supportin’ roach. Her name is Lisa Durden and she was an adjunct professor of something or other that will lead to unemployment. You better believe she wasn’t a professor of Engineering or Mathematics. In the college world, “adjunct professor” means someone off the street.

Durden should have a PhD in hating crackas. Of course, she’s black. And, as a black adjunct professor who supports Black Lives Matter, errrr….ex-professor that is, lost her job after this interview with Tucker Carlson:

Apparently, blacks wanted to have a segregated Memorial Day celebration. If you were a cracka or did “not identify with blacks” (nome sayin?), you were asked not to attend. You know, white privilege.

We’ve seen more of this type of black segregation sh*t on college campuses of late. Blacks are demanding segregated black dorms, black spaces, and black graduations.

Hmmmm. Segregation. It appears blacks are doing the work of the KKK in the 60’s. Segregation of races.

Many white parents of college students have no problem with black only dorms or meetings. Since black males between 18-49 commit half the violent crimes and murders in America, my guess is most parents of white kids welcomes the segregation.

Tax payers need to seriously evaluate public funds spent on universities. It is my opinion that no taxpayer funds should be spent on funding anything but STEM classes. Anything with “Studies” in the major means leftist bullshit and unemployment. Like Women’s Studies, African American Studies, etc. Those majors fund idiots like Lisa Durden. Without an African American Studies program, Durden would be sweeping the floors at a warehouse in Philadelphia.

Of course, none of this white-hating is surprising to us at AWD. We have long said that most black people in America are black first and hate white people. AWD first wrote of this back in 2012 with: The Hard Truth – Black People Hate White People

Lisa Durden is just one of millions of blacks who despise white people. Fortunately, she lost her job and won’t be able to poison the minds of young people who attend Essex College. But since Essex is New Jersey, those kids are probably morons who have been fed a steady diet of political correct bullshit their entire lives. I’d bet not many engineers graduate from Essex.

But boo hoo hoo for Lisa Durden. Screw her and her hatred. She’s worthless and now unemployed. My guess is she’ll end up working for some Soros-funded hate group or the DNC. But I repeat myself.

But Durden proves AWD’s post from many years ago about blacks hating white people. Of course, that should be obvious by now.

If blacks want to associate with blacks only, let them. However, the same should be allowed to whites. America should quit forcing people to integrate with people of other races if they choose not to. And in my opinion, the divide between blacks and whites in America is too great to ever overcome.

4 Takeaways From Comey’s Testimony


Fired FBI Director James Comey testified Thursday in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee on Capitol Hill, shedding light on several important questions regarding President Donald Trump along with the investigation into possible collusion with Russia, along with the investigation into possible false statements made by former national security adviser Ret.

Here are a few of the important takeaways we learned from Comey’s testimony in the open hearing:

Comey stated that his choice to tell Trump was not made lightly and discussed with FBI leaders before his initial private discussion with Trump, which took place Jan. 6. Comey also explicitly said that he gave Trump this information without any prompting.

We didn’t have an open counter-intelligence case on him, Comey said.
The media had noted in recent times that Comey was expected to declare that his discussions with Trump with this subject were more nuanced than that, and some reports even quoted friends of Comey who mentioned that Comey would never have informed Trump he was not under investigation, but according to Comey’s own words Thursday, Trump was right along with the media was incorrect.


James Comey

James Brien Comey Jr. (born December 14, 1960) is an American lawyer who served as the seventh Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) from

2) Comey developed a sudden distrust for Trump from nearly day one
Comey testified that he did not trust Trump when questioned why he kept records of every conversation he had with Trump.

I believe the conditions, the subject matter, along with the person I used to be interacting with, Comey responded, elaborating that he was conversing with the president-elect and felt the issues were worth documenting, the truth that he was discussing FBI investigation, and the nature of the person.

I was actually worried he might lie concerning the nature of our meeting, therefore I thought it really important to document it, Comey stated. I understood there might come a day when I’d need a record of what had happened, not just to defend myself, yet to guard the FBI as well as our integrity as an institution and also the independence of our investigative function.” Comey later said he made an individual reading of Trump that judged him to be a not truthful person.

He admitted during his testimony which he wrote his me Mos in a way they may not be labeled as categorized, and then leaked his own me Mo into a friend and professor at Columbia College, hoping it would spark an unbiased investigation of the issue.

Said that by simply getting this information into the manifest, he hoped to spark and independent investigation, an indication of how deep his private distrust of Trump had grown.

Comey also indicated in his testimony that he believed Trumps stated a cause for firing him was a pre text. There was a reason, Comey said. I just don’t purchase it.

3) Comey was never explicitly informed to drop the Flynn investigation
Comey testified on Thursday that he was never told to fall the investigation into former national-security adviser Michael Flynn, just as top national-security advisers for the White House told the Senate Intelligence Committee on Wednesday.


RT @ScottPresler: James Comey has politicized the FBI and tarnished the reputation of the organization. SAD! #JamesComey #ComeyDay #ComeyH…

I hope you can see your way apparent to let this go, to let Flynn go. He is a guy that is good. I hope it is possible to let this go, Comey alleged Trump advised him.

I had understood the president to be requesting that we fall any investigation of Flynn in connection with false statements about his conversations with all the Russian ambassador in December. I used to not understand the president to be talking about the broader investigation into Russia or possible links to his campaign, Comey’s statement mentioned.

Comey never testified in any way pressured him to drop the investigation into Flynn or that Trump demanded. Comey was clear that he interpreted Trump’s remark which he hoped Comey could “let this go” as something resembling a command, especially offered the context, but admitted that Trump never uttered phrases that could reasonably be interpreted as a command.

4) Trump does not understand the institutional norms of the Justice Department
It truly is clear from Comey’s testimony that both he and other Justice Department officials were horrified by several steps taken by Trump throughout the length of the investigation. Comey seemed especially bothered that Trump requested to consult with him alone, without his immediate supervisor (Attorney General Jeff Periods) present.

Comey said that a concern was raised by him with Sessions about this. Describing Sessions’ reaction, Comey stated, Maybe I’m projecting, but that Sessions seemed to him to sign an attitude of what can you do?

trump news

According to Comey, others who were present in the Oval Office when Trump questioned to speak with Comey alone also appeared visibly unpleasant with Trump’s request, and for great reason: it was undoubtedly a breach of departmental norms within the Department of Justice, as was Trump’s request that Comey let it go according to the to the Flynn investigation.

The same thing might be said about Trump’s demand that Comey promises him loyalty. There’s is actually no Thing illegal about this kind of request, but it clearly rankled the man who was the head of a department which has constantly prided itself on its independence.

However, Comey was likewise obvious that Trump did not continue to strain him to drop the investigation which afterward when Comey questioned him to follow appropriate protocols Trump complied. The overall picture seems to have been that Comey and other Just-Ice Department officials were offended by Trump by simply being unsure of about their norms of independence, not any active malice or want to criminal impede an investigation.

This is one region where Trump’s unfamiliarity with Washington might have caused a controversy that a president who was mo-Re of an insider would have handled without creating a fuss. Read more Trump News at

Ignite The Flame of Liberty!

Your Country needs you – yet again.

America’s founding principles are frequently misunderstood and maligned; especially our religious heritage. It’s about time we did something about it!

We need a ritual retelling “Seder celebration” for America!

To move this idea along we’ve written a brief history of America’s founding that you can download for use on Independence Day, Constitution Day, or Flag Day (or any other time, really). This is meant to be a starting point. We’re really hoping you’ll take this idea and run with it!

Make it your own. Change it up to suit your family. Be creative! Add activities for the kids. Change the words, change the menu, change the music, Add prayers, sing along or don’t sing along, add more symbolism here or there; whatever feels right to you. You can plan to read it as written, or you can add more detail, or maybe you’ll want to pick and choose which parts you like and which you don’t.

The important thing here is for each of us to begin a family tradition that teaches the truth about America’s founding. (And we’d love to hear from you.)

The Jewish Seder is a tradition at Passover. We are not Jewish; however, here’s what we understand about a Seder. A Seder (pronounced SAY-der) is a meal celebrating and retelling the story of the Hebrew exodus from slavery in Egypt. God requires this celebration to make sure this important event is not forgotten. Ideally, the event is remembered in every detail, and each guest (especially each child) feels as if s/he is part of the ceremony and reliving the event during the telling.

We like the idea of passing the booklet around the table and having each participant read a paragraph or two. You’ll notice that the type font is huge in our document, to make it easy for everybody (young and old) to read. You’ll also notice the sentences are broken up to clarify emphasis and minimize the transposing of words, (something we all have a tendency to do when reading aloud.) If there are children at the table, adult readers should direct their reading to the children, to make them feel a part of the ceremony.

The history we’ve written here is a broad overview of America’s religious and cultural heritage. It conveys more than three thousand years of history. The history covered includes key factors that formed the basis of our nation, as well as the good and bad of the events since our founding. Obviously we couldn’t go into great detail and make the ceremony doable during a one to two hour dinner. That being said, we tried our best to relate historical events with enough detail to tell the story in a compelling way.

We’re currently working on two other brief histories which go into much more detail. One of them focuses only on the political aspects of our founding (Taxation, Continental Congresses, relationship with Britain and France, etc.) This is the story we used to learn in school, but we are hoping to tell it in a more compelling way. The other story focuses on military aspects of our founding, (Sons of Liberty, Paul Revere, Washington’s strategies, etc.) Both of these require a huge amount of time to research, verify, etc., so we’re not sure yet when they’ll be done; hopefully before summer 2013.


  • A Flag and a Flag stand
  • A designated Host
  • A designated Prayer leader
  • Food (Including Matzo bread)
  • Music – The following are only suggestions:
  • Fanfare for the Common Man, Aaron Copeland
  • Mi Itneni Of, Israeli folk dance
  • Christ, the Lord, is Risen, words by Charles Wesley
  • Jesu, Joy of Mans Desiring, J.S. Bach
  • Dido and Aneus, When I am Laid in Earth, Henry Purcell
  • We are, Kari Jobe
  • French suite No. 4, J.S. Bach
  • Choopah, Klezmer Music
  • Ha’Azinu, Dudu Fisher
  • American Pageant, U.S. Marine Corps Band
  • Look Down that Long Lonesome Road, Traditional African-American Spiritual
  • Sioux traditional song,
  • Peacetime Freedom Fighter, Kalai

Check out the new grassroots the Heritage organization – National Liberty Federation!