(AngryWhiteDude.com) Essex County College in Nueva Jersey fired a cracka-hatin’, Black Lives Matters-supportin’ roach. Her name is Lisa Durden and she was an adjunct professor of something or other that will lead to unemployment. You better believe she wasn’t a professor of Engineering or Mathematics. In the college world, “adjunct professor” means someone off the street.

Durden should have a PhD in hating crackas. Of course, she’s black. And, as a black adjunct professor who supports Black Lives Matter, errrr….ex-professor that is, lost her job after this interview with Tucker Carlson:

Apparently, blacks wanted to have a segregated Memorial Day celebration. If you were a cracka or did “not identify with blacks” (nome sayin?), you were asked not to attend. You know, white privilege.

We’ve seen more of this type of black segregation sh*t on college campuses of late. Blacks are demanding segregated black dorms, black spaces, and black graduations.

Hmmmm. Segregation. It appears blacks are doing the work of the KKK in the 60’s. Segregation of races.

Many white parents of college students have no problem with black only dorms or meetings. Since black males between 18-49 commit half the violent crimes and murders in America, my guess is most parents of white kids welcomes the segregation.

Tax payers need to seriously evaluate public funds spent on universities. It is my opinion that no taxpayer funds should be spent on funding anything but STEM classes. Anything with “Studies” in the major means leftist bullshit and unemployment. Like Women’s Studies, African American Studies, etc. Those majors fund idiots like Lisa Durden. Without an African American Studies program, Durden would be sweeping the floors at a warehouse in Philadelphia.

Of course, none of this white-hating is surprising to us at AWD. We have long said that most black people in America are black first and hate white people. AWD first wrote of this back in 2012 with: The Hard Truth – Black People Hate White People

Lisa Durden is just one of millions of blacks who despise white people. Fortunately, she lost her job and won’t be able to poison the minds of young people who attend Essex College. But since Essex is New Jersey, those kids are probably morons who have been fed a steady diet of political correct bullshit their entire lives. I’d bet not many engineers graduate from Essex.

But boo hoo hoo for Lisa Durden. Screw her and her hatred. She’s worthless and now unemployed. My guess is she’ll end up working for some Soros-funded hate group or the DNC. But I repeat myself.

But Durden proves AWD’s post from many years ago about blacks hating white people. Of course, that should be obvious by now.

If blacks want to associate with blacks only, let them. However, the same should be allowed to whites. America should quit forcing people to integrate with people of other races if they choose not to. And in my opinion, the divide between blacks and whites in America is too great to ever overcome.